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Welcome to our creative studio, where we specialize in architectural visualization. ArchitectsArchifacts, a dynamic architect ura l firm driven by a team of 5 dedicated professionals with 8 years of remote collaboration experience. We believe architecture is a fusion of art, functionality, and innovation, inspiring tran sfo rmative spaces that exceed expectations.

Our highly skilled architects tackle diverse challenges, covering residential, commercial, urban planning, and sustainable design. Meticulously approaching each project, we understand clients’ visions and translate them into tangible marvels through open communication
and collaboration.

Leveraging cutting edge technology, our remote setup allows seamless global collaboration without compromising quality. Staying ahead of industry trends, we combine timeless design principles with modern innovation, creating future proof spaces.

We take pride in delivering projects on time and within budget while upholding professionalism and integrity in client relati ons hips. Whether residential or commercial, ArchitectsArchifacts turns your architectural dreams into captivating realities. Join us in shaping the world, one structure at a time.

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Meet the experts behind our success: a blend of talents
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Israt Jahan Luna

Lead Architect

Md. Hasan Habib

Head of Operations


3D Designer




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